Understanding Obamacare and Its Aims

Understanding Obamacare and Its Aims | JT Insurance ServicesFor many years the health care costs in America have been skyrocketing. It was becoming increasingly difficult for many individuals to afford adequate health care. The object of the affordable care act was to decrease medical costs and make it so more citizens of the United States would be able to afford health insurance. Before this law was put into place, people could be denied health insurance because of a previous injury or illness, be made to pay more expensive premiums because they were female, and they could be dropped in the middle of a medical treatment because tiny mistakes were made on applications. The idea behind Obamacare insurance is that these things will no longer be legal.

This legislation makes it mandatory for all Americans to have health insurance. Anyone who does not have health insurance is required to pay a fee on their taxes for each month that they do not have it. Individuals that do not want to pay the fee have to have minimum essential coverage, which can be obtained during an open enrollment period of every insurance type. It is now possible for more individuals to have insurance because of the expansion of Medicaid eligibility, and the cost assistance made available by health insurance marketplaces.  Many individuals will also be eligible for government subsidies to help them afford medical insurance. If more people are able to get coverage through obamacare insurance, it will hopefully help the overall health costs in America.

Having adequate health care is extremely important. People who become ill or injured and do not have health insurance are often buried in medical debt. Since many of them are simply not able to pay it, that debt gets paid by the tax payers. Overtime this can dramatically increase the amount of money that the United States spends on health care each year. Obamacare insurance is meant to help everyone get the medical care they need, and stop the health care costs from rising so dramatically.

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