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How Can Motorcycle Insurance Benefit Riders?

Riders in Los Angeles, CA are required to carry minimum liability coverage on their motorcycle, just like every other state. Carrying it means you avoid tickets and other issues due to not being insured.

The most basic policy helps cover the cost of damage to the other vehicle if you are at fault, keeping you out of court and from having to pay too much out of pocket. However, these are not the only benefits a rider can experience.

The specific benefits vary according to the coverage you choose. The following are different events and circumstances that you can customize your policy to cover:

  • The replacement cost of your bike if totaled instead of you having to pay out of pocket to replace your ride
  • Medical costs if you are sent to the hospital for a covered event
  • Your costs should another driver be at fault and either not have any insurance or not have enough insurance to cover the damages and medical expenses.
  • Costs of damage suffered from something other than a collision, such as theft or storm damage.
  • Costs of loss or damage to extras, such as trailers, safety equipment, and customization
  • Roadside assistance should you break down.
  • Costs associated with lodging, food, and transportation if your bike is in a collision and cannot be driven while you are far from home (the distance depends on the policy)

At JT Insurance Services, we know that every rider and every ride are unique, so a one size fits all policy is not going to work for most. Instead, we want to help you personalize the best coverage for you, your bike, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Give JT Insurance Services of Los Angeles, CA a call for your customized motorcycle insurance quote.

Does Your Current Policy Provide the Comprehensive Protection Your Boat Needs?

Owning a boat can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re able to spend quality time out on the water with family and friends. The team at JT Insurance Services is here to ensure that your Calabasas or Los Angeles, CA boat is covered! Let us help you gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the coverage you need!

Opt for a Comprehensive Boat Policy

All boat insurance policies are not created equal! If you have a basic boat policy, we recommend that you take the time to review its coverage to ensure that it’s at an appropriate level for your needs. Many people don’t realize that their policy doesn’t cover their vessels when they are on land or being transported to or from the water. Additionally, many necessary policies do not provide adequate protection for medical expenses and property damage when involved in a significant accident.

Another useful feature available in some comprehensive policies is coverage for at-sea towing and similar services. There’s no need to come out of pocket for unexpected boat expenses that are covered by a comprehensive policy. Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your policy just provides the bare minimum. Now is the perfect time to review your options and determine which comprehensive boat policy is right for you and your family. We are here to help you with this process and ensure that you have the right policy at the proper coverage level for your needs.

JT Insurance Services is here to provide all the insurance services you need. We can help you determine which boat policy is the right one to protect your vessel in the Calabasas and Los Angeles, CA area. Call us today and learn more!

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

You know that insurance is vital if you wish to protect your financial future. What you may not know is that basic insurance policies may not be able to protect your financial security and assets as well as you would like. This is where umbrella insurance comes in. At JT Insurance Services, serving Los Angeles, CA, we know that education is an integral part of making the best insurance decisions. We are here to help you better understand umbrella insurance and if it is right for you.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a type of insurance policy that covers you financially if an event exhausts your other insurance policies. For instance, you carry car insurance. However, if you are involved in an accident that drains the limits of your car insurance policy, an umbrella policy would kick in to cover the other expenses. Umbrella policies can include events such as accidents and personal liability, which your auto, homeowners, or renter’s insurance cannot cover.

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an important type of policy for anyone who wishes to cover their assets to the best of their ability. It is for people who understand that basic liability insurance under auto, homeowner’s, and renter’s policies cannot cover an individual 100%. Umbrella insurance is intended for anyone who wants peace of mind knowing that their assets are protected.

How Much Protection Do You Need?

This question is very individual to each person. You will want to discuss this with an insurance representative. In large part, this will be decided based on the assets that you wish to protect.

If you would like to learn more about umbrella insurance, please contact our friendly staff at JT Insurance Services, serving Los Angeles, CA.

Do I Need Condo Insurance in California

Buying a condo in California is a significant investment, and probably one of the biggest that most people will ever make. When you have a mortgage on your condo, your lender will require that you carry condo insurance to protect their investment in your property. The state does not require that you carry any insurance on your part of the condo. At JT Insurance Services in Los Angeles, CA, we are experts in condo insurance and will happily sit with you to discuss the types of insurance that you need for your condo.

Your homeowner’s association will have a master policy that covers the exterior of the building and common areas. Your responsibility will be for the interior and personal possessions. Read the master policy to understand the type of coverage that you have. Since your condo is in California, the necessity for earthquake insurance is pretty high. It is not necessarily included in condo insurance. If you are in an area prone to flooding, flood insurance is a wise addition.

Condo insurance gives you liability coverage. This protects you against a legal action that may happen if someone is injured while visiting you at your condo. It includes members of your family, including your furry friends. Consider adding a loss assessment to your condo policy. If the condos sustain a loss and all the owners are assessed to make repairs, it will help to pay your portion. Your personal possession and any improvements you have made on your condo are also included in condo coverage.

While you may not be required to have condo insurance, it is a good idea none the less. JT Insurance Services in Los Angeles, CA can help to put together condo insurance coverage that makes sense for you. Stop by the office or give them a call for a no-obligation quote.

Knowing the specifics of your health insurance policy

Health insurance can be complicated. Not knowing what is covered on your policy and what the policyholder is expected to pay out can result in some financial surprises. However, agents from JT Insurance Services are able to provide all of this information to those who are interested in coverage in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Deductibles and out of pocket expenses

Many policies will contain a deductible that must be paid before the insurance policy will pay out for particular services or expenses. This deductible is paid by the policyholder out of pocket. It may be possible to change some of these options, so it is crucial to stay in touch with your insurance provider.

Know what is in your network

The network that is included with a policy is just another name for doctors, facilities, hospitals, and offices that agreed to provide services with your insurance provider. You should always check with the provider before visiting a new doctor or hospital to make sure that they are part of your network, and so you can avoid additional expenses.

Prescription coverage

Most policies will have coverage that extends to medications that are available at your local pharmacy. However, it is always helpful to know how the plan will cover these costs, and if you have to make any out of pocket payments for your medications. This is especially important for any medications that you will need to take regularly. Generic versions may be available at a lower price.

Get more information about the right health coverage

To find out more about a health insurance policy, contact an agent at JT Insurance Services. We serve the Los Angeles, CA area with superior medical coverage. Let our agents help you get a quote.

How Much LIfe Insurance Do I Need?

While it is nearly impossible to isolate the exact amount of life insurance you need down to the penny, you can make a safe estimate if you take into consideration your financial situation and think about what your family will need in the coming years. JT Insurance Services in Los Angeles, CA can work with you to find the right amount of coverage for your needs.

What is Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a policy where an insurance company agrees to pay a predetermined amount of money after the death of the insured party, assuming that the premiums are paid in full and up to date. Essentially, a life insurance policy provides peace of mind to the insured person because their loved ones will have financial protection in the event of their death. There are two categories of life insurance – whole and term. Term life insurance provides coverage for a specific period and is generally less expensive and easier to qualify for. Conversely, whole life insurance offers lifetime coverage and has an investment portion called the policy’s cash value. Additionally, you can borrow money against the account or even give up the policy for cash, but you are required to repay policy loans with interest for a loan. You will receive no death benefits if the policy is surrendered.

How to Find Your Ideal Coverage Amount?

Finding the right amount of life insurance coverage is relatively simple. Take your annual salary and multiply it by the number of years that you want to replace that income. To that figure, add your mortgage balance plus additional debts (Car payment, student loans, credit cards, etc.) and additional future needs like money for college and end of life care.

Give JT Insurance Services a call to schedule an appointment to learn about your various life insurance options. We proudly serve the Los Angeles, CA area and are happy to answer any questions that you have.

Ways to Protect Your Home

There are a number of ways to protect your home in Los Angeles, CA and in doing so you may be able to save on insurance costs. An agent at JT Insurance Services can tell you more about available discounts.

Secure Doors: You don’t want a burglar to be able to stroll through the front door. Inspect exterior doors and make sure frames are strong and hinges are protected.

Light Up Your Landscape: Burglars and criminals don’t want to be in the spotlight so have plenty of outdoor light. Place lights around the back and front yard, near the garage and other structures, and along pathways. This will make an intruder think twice and you will also cut down on the risk of a fall for yourself and family members.

Set Up a Security System: Whether it’s a basic system or one that comes with home automation, your home should have a security system. There are plenty of options for every budget and protection need. Security cameras will work both as a deterrent and a means of justice. Security cameras can be part of the security system or you can have cameras that work on their own. Use cameras with a mobile app so you can look at the footage in real-time and be able to store it.

Eliminate Hiding Places: Trees and shrubs can be a great way to give you home some curb appeal but this also gives a burglar a place to hide. Trim plants and trees close to the home that could be used for cover.

Get a Safe: In the event that someone does get into your home, you want your valuables to be protected. An in-home safe can store jewelry and important documents like passports. The safe should be waterproof, fire-resistant, and heavy enough that a thief can’t walk away with it.

Contact JT Insurance Services, serving Los Angeles, CA, to get a quote on home insurance.

Should You Have More Commercial Coverage?

The amount of commercial coverage you need is determined by a few different factors. As your business grows and changes you may need more or less coverage and having the right amount can make a big difference in your business. For those in the Los Angeles, CA area, the agents with JT Insurance Services can help you tailor the perfect policy.

When deciding just how much coverage you need there are a couple of things to keep in mind. For starters, the larger the business, the more coverage you likely need. If you keep large amounts of inventory on-site you are likely going to need more coverage than someone that makes items to order. Another thing to keep in mind is that as you upgrade things like shelving, displays, and even the electronics used to categorize and inventory your store or business, you may need to upgrade coverage.

It is always best to check and see what type of coverage you have and to determine if you need more or less at least once a year. This is going to help you to determine if you have the right amount of coverage for your business and if you need to alter it in any way. As with home insurance and car insurance, you need to make sure your policy is tailored to your particular business and that you are going to be able to get the right payout should something happen to your business.

For those that live in the Los Angeles, CA area, the agents with JT Insurance Services can help you to find the right coverage for your business so that you can be fully covered no matter what. Your commercial coverage is crucial, do you have the right amount?

Do You Need An Insurance Cover If You Live In California?

There is no easy way for anyone to predict the occurrence of a natural disaster accurately. The events occur randomly, and despite our efforts to prepare for their outcomes, we sometimes sustain injuries, damages, and devastation.

Earthquakes are an excellent example of such phenomenal events. The seismic activities have been rocking Los Angeles and California for decades, and we should expect them to continue in the future.

How Does One Prepare for Earthquakes?

There are different safety drills that you need to take to be safe from injury. However, you cannot protect your assets using these strategies. That’s why you need to get insurance against earthquakes to help repair or replace your belongings.

What is Covered with an Earthquake Insurance Policy?

Anyone who lives within Los Angeles or anywhere in California is eligible for such coverage. You can insure your home, car, and other assets from damages caused by this activity. If you don’t own any significant assets, you can still get insurance coverage against injuries you may sustain from an earthquake.

How Can You Find a Reliable Policy?

At JT Insurance Services, we are dedicated to helping our Los Angeles, CA clients get the most reliable insurance coverage possible. We have employed outstanding and experienced insurance agents who work around the clock to deliver on our promise. Throughout the years, we have been providing these services and have been able to serve a vast number of people who needed insurance just like you.

We will provide you with a quote and offer our professional guidance until you are satisfied with our services. Visit our office in Calabasas, CA today, and let us help you to choose the earthquake insurance coverage for you and your family.

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